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  1. – 2– I Introduction: Supersymmetry (SUSY) is a generaliza- tion of the space-time symmetries of quantum field theory that transforms fermions into bosons and vice versa [1]. The existence of such a non-trivial extension of the Poincar´e sym-.
  2. Just as ordinary symmetries relate various forms of matter to each other, and various basic forces to each other, so the novel concept of supersymmetry relates (Fermi) matter to (Bose) force. This book provides a brief introductory description of the new physical and mathematical ideas involved in formulating supersymmetric theories.
  3. Introduction to supersymmetry Borut Bajc J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia Abstract This is a pedagogical introduction for graduate students to the (minimal) N= 1 supersymmetry in 4 dimensions. It ranges from the supersymmetry algebra, superspace, explicit construction of a gen-.
  4. V. Dynamical supersymmetry breaking — 2 lectures, if I get to it There is no text covering the contents of this course. Some useful references for its various parts are: 1. Qualitative supersymmetry: E. Witten, “Dynamical breaking of supersymmetry,” Nucl. Phys. B () ; S. Coleman, “The uses of instantons,” in The Whys of File Size: 1MB.
  5. If supersymmetry is found, it is a strong validations for a string TOE model. The importance of string theories comes because they are the only current proposed models which can include quantization of gravity and the current standard model of particle physics.
  6. •A supersymmetry primer, hep-ph/, version 7, January •TASI lectures notes: two-component fermion notation and supersymmetry, arXiv If you find corrections, please do .
  7. SUPERSYMMETRY, PART I (THEORY) Revised December by Howard E. Haber (UC Santa Cruz). I Introduction I Structure of the MSSM I R-parity and the lightest supersymmetric particle I The goldstino and gravitino I Hidden sectors and the structure of supersymmetry-breaking I Supersymmetry and extra dimensions I Split.
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