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  1. Dec 10,  · As a hero in Starfinder, you have resolve—an intrinsic reservoir of grit and luck tied to your talents and often enhanced by your class. Your pool of Resolve Points (RP) allows you to carry on even when everything seems lost. Calculating Resolve Points.
  2. Description Experience the future of voice gaming with the premiere episode of Starfinder, an interactive audio adventure that transports you to the futuristic science-fantasy streets of Absalom Station. Encounter menacing foes and unexpected allies as you unravel mysterious power outages in the Spike, the Station's gritty underbelly.
  3. Carmine Daimalkan Human Mystic Oliviana Starfinder Explorer Starfinder Society. Data Jockey Dr Solstrani Envoy CEO Idari Jadnura Muldoi Mystic Empath Taylehm. Devourer Mystic Envar Starship Engineer. Chiskisk Ghibrani Membrane Mechanic Tank Monster Creation 2 Philt Shirren 1 Shirren 2 Verces Adventurer.
  4. Product Information. Stage the scene for epic science fantasy battles with the Starfinder Flip-Tiles: Space Station Starter Set This boxed collection of 42 durable, double-sided full-color 6 x 6-inch map tiles provides tons of options for space station encounters, from corridor blaster battles to medical bay drama to chaos in the crew quarters These exciting new tiles bring countless.
  5. The Commencement is a Starfinder Society replayable scenario by Eleanor Ferron for Tier It was released on August 17, As the first scenario of the campaign, it was designed to help introduce players to the factions of the Starfinder Society and areas of importance on Absalom Station.
  6. Aug 17,  · EN WORLD -- Starfinder is a quality game that is likely going to be the point of the spear of a new wave of interest in science fiction/science fantasy gaming. With the success of Starfinder we will see a lot of other publishers dipping toes into both support of /5().
  7. It’s a dangerous galaxy, and a smart explorer knows that the difference between success and failure—or even life and death— may be the equipment you have at the ready. This chapter presents all sorts of different equipment, from weapons and armor to adventuring gear for scouting new worlds.

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