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  1. " Danke " (Thanks) is a German Christian hymn written by Martin Gotthard Schneider in It was one of the first songs in the genre later called Neues Geistliches Lied (new spiritual song). The song title was disambiguated to its first line, " Danke für diesen guten Morgen " (Thanks for this good morning).Text: by Martin Gotthard Schneider.
  2. Jul 21,  · Directed by Antonio Sequeira. With Peter Alberti, Adam Benwell. When Henry, a British soldier runs away from the battlefield, he finds an injured German soldier begging for mercy. He must decide to kill him or help him, unaware of the major consequences these actions will have in the future/10(13).
  3. Discover personal banking with Danske Bank. Current Accounts, Mortgages, Savings, Mobile Banking Solutions and more. Contact Danske Bank today!
  4. "Gerne" as an answer to "danke" is a newer phenomenon in spoken German. I would consider it as a colloquial sloppiness, and my native feel for language always gets a little bit offended when I hear it. ;-) – aventurin Jun 29 '17 at
  5. Danke is an ad hoc agency that helps companies grow and achieve their business goals by building modern websites, defining strong brand identity and planning thoughtful social media strategies.
  6. Phrases. Danke example in a phrase. Danke für die großartige Unterhaltung.. Danke für die großartige Unterhaltung. pronunciation Pronunciation by independentgentleman (Male from Germany); Danke für die großartige Unterhaltung.. Danke für die großartige Unterhaltung. pronunciation Pronunciation by ReinerSelbstschuss (Female from Germany); Danke für die großartige Unterhaltung.
  7. From terrine to table, Danke is a charcuterie-focused sandwich shop and wine bar located in Revival Food Hall. Meats, cheese, and bread rule the second project by Scott Manley and Matt Sussman of Logan Square’s award-winning, alpine-inspired Table, Donkey and Stick.
  8. "Danke, danke," he said nonchalantly, looking at the same time to right and left. Nein, danke, said the little governess, looking at the big berries on their gleaming leaves. You know in Germany whenever anybody asks after anybody you have to begin your answer with danke.

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